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What we do?

​Whether you are a start-up, medium-sized business or large enterprise - all companies have the same goal: to create their processes as efficient as possible.

With the all-in-one beautiful management software, we optimize, simplify and automate your processes to remove time-consuming tasks and make you focus on what's most important: your business.

We accelerate and digitize your business with unique management system designed just for your unique needs and also help you handle business in more organized way.

Experience the power of our business automation tools and achieve unparalleled efficiency with our streamlined operations.


      Why you choose Hybrid? 

  • A lot of paid apps made the software enterprise grade with a reasonable cost. 
  • No hidden cost, pay once, use lifetime. 
  • We are  the best ERP software company.
  • Cloud servers that are highly reliable, scalable with 99% uptime.
  • Highly available, replicable, selfheal, Kubernetes cloud infrastructure. 
  • We always run on latest versions of Odoo and on latest version of Kubernetes. 
  • SSD for faster data access, secure & reliable...... and many more......

Access your business information end-to-end from anywhere, anytime

with the best ERP implementers in Ethiopia.

Why you need Odoo?

Odoo ERP is  best ERP software. It is a feature-rich, fully customizable ERP solution that can be specifically revolution in the professional ERP market as it is:

- The fastest growing management software in the market

- Places the main emphasis on professional services and customizations.

- Gives you a solution that is tailored to your needs - 100% requirements fit.

- Flexible, can be customized and easy to integrate with a range of technologies.

- Uses the latest business intelligence tools to drive it.

- Feature rich - covering all functional areas of a business.

- Advanced, technically clean and extendable architecture.

In addition with the above stated points, there are several factors that make Odoo one of the best ERP systems for companies, and Hybrid systems PLC is the best ERP in Ethiopia to complete the task.

We Supply

One of the most popular ERP systems in the world to Businesses in Ethiopia .

Powering your success 

You know your business; we know systems and integration.​  

We are creative 

We have chosen not to be a menu driven consulting company but rather one that brings an innovative and proactive approach with tangible solutions.  

Interest first

We can bridge the gap between off-the-shelf software and the existing technology of your business​.

Why is an ERP Implementation important 

for your business? 

ERP in your business is one of the substantial significant factors and one of the key drivers to elevate your business to the next level. ERP system helps organizations to integrate various departments and functions under a single roof. Further, it provides detailed insights of your business through data analytics and reports which directly helps in better decision making.

 Explore the advantages of incorporating an integrated ERP solution and witness the transformation of your business operations for improved efficiency and growth.



Streamline Your Business with Hybrid ERP 

Are you a local company that is looking for the best ERP implementers in Ethiopia? Look no further, Hybrid is here. 

Experience seamless communication, streamlined processes, and enhanced collaboration with Hybrid Systems PLC's cutting-edge ERP solutions.

Our innovative ERP software ensures efficiency in communication, smooth process optimization, and improved team collaboration, providing your business with the tools it needs to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


You want to deploy an integrated Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software for your Business. Our advanced ERP software is designed for effective business management, process optimization, and improved resource planning.


You want a well-oriented plan to save time spent on researching and deploying the software solution. Our expert team offers streamlined software deployment solutions designed for efficient implementation. With our comprehensive research and planning services, we provide a tailored approach to meet your business needs.


You are willing to invest in modern technologies to create competitive advantages. Unlock the potential of your business with our innovative technology investment solutions, designed to provide competitive advantages.


You want a team of Management and Technology experts to accompany you on the path of digital transformation. Our team of professionals specializes in seamless digital transformation services,  providing a foundation for outstanding business growth. .

              What our customers say?

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