ERP solutions for every business & organization.

Construction Management 

ERP provides Construction  firms to get complete solution ​on for key processes, from materials purchase, resource allocation to project management. These Services provide comprehensive management of various construction-related processes ,enabling efficient project execution ,resource allocation, financial management ,and collaboration.


Get one-stop solution for managing students, faculty, payroll, attendances, library records, irrespective of the size of your institution. These services provide comprehensive solutions to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, manage student information, and improve overall operational efficiency.


Reducing the time you spend on each order while giving your dealers a better overall experience. portal is customized for the targeted dealer. An ERP system serves to streamline and integrate various aspects of the company's operations, enabling efficient management of inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial processes.


Get everything you need for manufacturing with a single software solution. Our ERP platform includes fully integrated tools for MRP, quality etc. An ERP system is designed to optimize and streamline various aspects of the production process, supply chain management, and overall operations. 

Hotel Management

A complete Hotel Management Solution for you. Hotel/Resort on Automation now. Latest Advancements for your Industry. An ERP system for hotel management is specifically designed to streamline and automate various processes involved in managing hotel. It integrates different departments and functions it in a hotel, providing a centralized platform to efficiently manage reservations, guest services ,housekeeping, billing, and other key aspects.  

Property/Rental Management

Create rental orders and invoices in a few clicks. Do everything, such as managing deliveries and returns from the same screen. ERP system provides a centralized platform to efficiently manage property listings, tenant management, lease agreements, maintenance, and financial transactions.


Hospitals and clinics are provided with a centralized system to take care of processes, from booking, payment, billing to staff management.​​ ERP system also provides a centralized platform to efficiently manage patient records, appointments ,billing, inventory, and other key aspects of healthcare management.


Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs. Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel. ERP system also provides a centralized platform to track and manage maintenance tasks, schedule repairs, allocate resources, and monitor equipment and asset maintenance.