Who We Are?

About Us

HYBRID was set up in November 2013 operating with a group of full time, part time and seasoned professionals with other business name as Management Consulting firm.  Starting 2020 we more focused on automating companies business processes  and come to supply ERP Systems.  In a short span of these years, delivering projects on timely bases, we have established clients across locations with whom we are associated closely.

We help businesses become faster, smarter, and profitable by using reliable ERP system.

At first, we talk to you to figure out what you want to achieve, what problems you face, and what makes you unhappy. After that, we link the important parts of your business and make the systems and routines easier to understand.

We are one of the best ERP implementers in Ethiopia!


Working with ERP

Who Are we?

We are an independent Management System Software supply company with  excellent prospects for the future.

Serving a company’s critical business process needs a HUGE responsibility, we take that very seriously. We know that it takes teamwork and solid commitment, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent  manner.

Business environment with in our company



Our business is all about...

  • We conduct business with a common corporate image in all our markets and convey the goals and interests of our company in a steady flow of straightforward and reliable communication easy to understand.
  • We want our services to be in harmony with our business environment at all times, taking important organizations concerns into account.
  • We are committed to conduct that is ethical, moral and legally correct.

Our mission

 We want to be a reliable, solid and innovative provider of top quality management solutions.

We engender trust in customers and employees through superior performance, tangible warmth and active and comprehensible communication shaped by mutual respect.  

Our values 

  • Trust - Committed to our tradition, we act with honesty and responsibility.
  • Emerging  - We are modern and forward-looking in the way we think. 
  • Enthusiasm  - We are modern and forward-looking in the way we think. 
  • Our Customers - We engender a high degree of loyalty in customers with our competent advice and excellent service.

Our employees 

We consider dedicated employees who are well trained and competent to be key factors in our success. 

We encourage our employees to exercise personal responsibility and autonomy by giving them leeway in making decisions and taking actions and by rewarding entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting.